Decopa stone is a 100% domestic Wall panel production which is produced with the latest technology by blending calcium carbonate powder and other binding raw materials.
It is resistant to moisture and water. It complies with the B1 flame retardant certificate and has other documents (CE Certificate, TPE Trademark Registration Certificate, ANTIBACTERIAL Certificate). It has real marble look and texture. Its surface is shiny and resistant to UV rays. Decopa stone is light, thin, easy to size, easy to apply.
Decopa Stone wall panels have complementary borders and aluminum laths.
Decopa stone wall coverings, borders and laths can be used indoors in all vertical walls (building entrances, around and inside elevators, all walls of the house, all bathroom walls, baths, etc. including walls) in all areas where marble and ceramic are used. Since it is suitable for CNC cutting (interior doors, cabinet doors, furniture decors etc.), it can also be used in a wide variety of designs.
Decopa stone adds visual richness to the areas where wall panels are applied as much as real marble.
Decopa stone is 3mm thick and produced in two sizes as 122x244cm, 60x120cm and project-based special sizes. Decopa Stone border and aluminum lath lengths are 2.70 meters.
122x244cm wall panel is 3 square meters and it is 18 kilograms.
60x120cm wall panel is 0.72 square meters and it is 4.5 kg kilograms.